Finished DIY Frame from Paint by Numbers Kit

How to Affix a Canvas to a Wooden Frame for Our DIY Frames

Affixing canvas to a wooden frame may be a step you need to take if you've ordered one of our "DIY Frames" and want to put it together to make an artist's canvas. Of course, this is not required; many people skip having a frame and just opt for a basic paint by numbers kit with rolled canvas. The process of putting canvas on a frame, called stretching, ensures that the canvas is taut and smooth, providing a suitable surface for painting. Here are the steps to affix canvas to a wooden frame:

  1. Get a Suitable Frame First you need to obtain a wooden frame that is sturdy and has the desired dimensions for your canvas. Lucky for you, if you ordered your paint by numbers kit from, you need only select the option of "DIY Frame" to get the proper size. The frame will be slightly larger than the canvas to allow for stretching. Assembly is easy- you just use the notches to assemble the pieces. One end fits into another with a notch.

  2. Cut the Canvas If your paint by numbers canvas has a great deal of excess blank canvas on the sides, cut the canvas to size, leaving a few extra inches on all sides to allow for stretching. Make sure to cut the canvas evenly and straight.

  3. Center the Canvas Center your paint by numbers canvas over the wooden frame, making sure that there is an even amount of excess canvas on all sides.

  4. Staple or Tack the Canvas to the Frame Starting from the center of one side, staple or tack the canvas to the frame. Your kit comes with tacks, but if desired you can use a staple gun instead. Make sure to pull the canvas taut as you staple or tack it, to avoid wrinkles or sagging.

  5. Staple or Tack the Opposite Side Staple or tack the opposite side of the canvas to the frame, again starting from the center and pulling the canvas taut as you affix it to the frame.

  6. Affix the Remaining Sides Affix the remaining sides of the canvas to the frame, working from the center outwards and pulling the canvas taut as you go.

  7. Trim the Excess Canvas Once all sides are stapled, trim the excess canvas (if any) using a pair of scissors or a utility knife. Leave a small border of canvas around the edges for folding and stapling/tacking.

  8. Fold and Affix the Corners Fold the corners of the canvas neatly and staple or tack them to the wooden frame, making sure that the folds are even and the canvas is taut.

  9. Double Check Tension Check the tension of the canvas by pressing down on the center of the stretched canvas. It should feel taut and have a slight give when pressed. Now you are ready to paint!

In conclusion, affixing canvas to your DIY Frame frame is an option in creating your paint by numbers work of art. By following these steps, you can create a taut and smooth surface for painting. 

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